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Subject:  O's shot down in an 'A's' of glory
Date:  4/6/05, 8:46pm
The Headline:

Cabrera's first start a rough one: Orioles right-hander allows five runs in 3 1/3 innings in loss

The Rant:

The confidence and patience that was the story of opening day this year is exactly what was lacking tonight as the Orioles got trounced by the A's 9-0.

A long yet relativly un eventful first inning pitched by Cabrera culmonated into a total breakdown in the second inning. Cabrera notches one of Ginters 3 strike outs then hits Charles Thomas. And then Cabrera's control leaves him like the wind.

Cabrera goes 0-2 in Swisher and can't finish him off (single),
1-2 to Scutaro before losing him to a walk,
on 4 consecutive foul balls, goes 0-2 to Kotsay who grounds out to Roberts but picks up and RBI and advances Swisher and Scutaro,

Cabrera then gives up 3 consectutive hits including a 3 run bomb by Chavez before hitting hatteburg. Cabrera then ended the inning the same was he started it, striking out Ginter for the second time.

Cabrera lost confidence early and never regained it. Leaving his newly improved Changeup behind for a steady "diet" of fastballs that lead to a bad case of the "Runs".

As far as our anemic offense for today, 0 Runs and 3 Hits, I can only shake my head to. The patience they showed on Monday was no where to be found.

Orioles batters onlw say 5 pithces in the 2nd inning. I guess this is substanciated by the shelacking they got in the top half of the inning but still, the patience that worked for them when put up against a superior pitcher shoul dhave acarried over when facing a less know pitcher.

Mora Gibbons and Sosa all left runners in scoring postion with 2 outs. The big plays are nice guys but small ball is easier.

In conclusion, Our number 2 pitcher who I personally think will be a force this year, was matched up against their number 5 guy and was schooled. Our frightening offense looked as frightening as girl scouts selling cookies door to door. There is no reason to write off a team in the second game of the season. I have to wonder though what team will show up against the Yanks this weekend in the Bronx? I hope its the dominate pitching and fearless lineup that created a cause for celebration on Monday. There is nothing I would like to see more then the Orioles doing the "happy hop" on home plate as Mariano Rivera walks to the dugout looking down at the ground as he sulks into the clubhouse.

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