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Subject:  10-20 Years Tainted In 304 Pages
Date:  3/31/05, 9:02am
The Headline:

"In my opinion, everyone that plays baseball in this era has been tainted," Palmeiro said. "Not just the people that he has named in the book, I think this whole era over the last 10, 15 or 20 years has been tainted." --

The Rant:

Isn't it a shame when the entire era of baseball that I know will be clouded by the words of a used up has-been. Sure these type of celebs do this kind of stuff to get back into the limelight and make some scratch, but to raise the collective American eyebrow to say "hmmmm.. maybe we need some more *'s?" is considered overkill.

To think that the man with the sweetest stroke of any baseball player today has to defend himself to the likes of Canseco is appalling, and in front of congress ergo the world to boot! Rafael Palmeiro has nothing to hide. He could have given bogus answers like Mac did in front of the panel but no, he stood up to the plate, gave direct answers and pretty much said look at the source.

We don't need any more *'s. We need players with more moral values but to start hitting 8 when they type up the record books is sacrelige. How many players are in the HOF that have broken laws? I am not about to count them but suffice it to say its a good amount. Anyone using steroids has broken a law, not a sport rule. It doesn't make it morally right but they will pay the consequences legally and physically over time.

When I look back on the last 20 years of baseball 20 years from now, I won't be remembering that Canseco guy. I will remember a historic HR chase, Jeffery Mayer, and The Streak. Oh and Raffy, I will remember your 600th Home Run, 3000 Hit and the class in which you played the game. A class all your own.

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