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Subject:  Ponson Demoted to AA?
Date:  3/31/05, 3:21pm (Last Edited: 3/31/05, 3:24pm)

The Headline:

Sir Sydney's off season and pre season antics flare up again over DUI in January.

The Rant:

Just why is it when I think the kid has his head on straight, he proves me wrong? Punching a judge in his homeland, punching a heckler at a club in Lauderdale, and now we have his DUI from back in January. Maybe Sir Syd needs more of a demotion then to 4th position in the rotation. Maybe he needs to skip AAA and go straight down to AA.

No I don't mean Bowie, I'm talking Alcholics Annonymous. Why might I say that? Well if the DUI was still unknown, there would be no real grounds for me to make such a comment. However his transgressions from January which just now get to the headlines ties everything together. Syd needs to lay off the sauce.

It always seems to be the pitchers, doesn't it? Riley a few years ago was a party boy... Dubose.... now the Knight of Aruba himself. Young talent gets cockey and the feeling of invincibility overcomes them. I guess knighthood and millions of dollars would do that to me too but I'd be smart enough to arrive in a chaufuer driven limo then drive myself. What can be done?

I have worn many hats in my lifetime: fastfood, retail sales, management, and each and everyone of those jobs has had assistance for substance abuse. To the best of my knowledge they are all voluntary programs designed for those who wish to seek help for their addiction. Does pro baseball have the same sort of programs?

The Baltimore Orioles are embarrased by the recent outbreak of improper behavior by their players. They could find a way to break the contract of Syd using clauses pertaining to player loyalty etc... but I don't think thats a very responsible thing to do. Help the young man. Get him a councelor, into rehab, hell lock him in a closet when he is not pitching. Do SOMETHING.

The irresponsiblity of Sydney to move on like nothing happened is only trumped by the irresponsibility of a club that does the same.

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