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Subject:  Matos Mk II
Date:  4/2/05, 6:59am
The Headline:

O's overcome Cards in the ninth: Matos hits RBI triple to lift Baltimore.

The Rave:

For my first rave of he Baltimore Orioles this season, I only had one choice as to who the topic would be about. Luis Matos.

The preseason line to date:

25 for 65 (.385) with 4 doubles, 2 homeruns, 37 total bases, 11 rbi's, and is slugging .569

Pretty impressive. Especially since he is leading the team in hits, runs scores, rbi's, total bases and slugging. WOW.

Now I know this is spring training. But I also have to say that the biggest story when camp breaks will be the team leading production of Matos. If these numbers are indicadive of this true potential, then this is what the team and fans have been waiting for through injury plagued seasons of the past. This is of coarse pending him being healthy for 162 games.

A few more seasons like he has had recently and there wont be any more bones for him to break. He must remain healthy and if he does, Luis will become the X-Factor that the Orioles have needed.

Batting Luis in the bottom of this already potent lineup will keep a steady flow of offensive productivity from the first batter of the game to the last.

The Orioles have never had such a potentially explosive offense on the field at one time. This sure is going to be a fun year to watch dem O's Hun!

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